Kobra Kid
Kobra kid 2

Kobra Kid (Mikey Way)

Name: Kobra Kid
Nickname: Kobra, The Kobra Kid, K-Kid, Nope Rope, Moikey, Moikay, Kobra Kiddo, Pete's Bitch, KoūüÖĪruh Kid.
Daddy Longlegs
Faction: Killjoys
Gender: Male (Presumed)
Age: Unknown
Features: 'GOOD LUCK' motorcycle helmet, red jacket, cybernetic glove (Na Na Na music video), infinitely long legs, and a jawline that's as sharp as fuck and would probably kill you if you touched it.
Status: Deceased as of 2027
Birth Date: Unknown
Affiliates: The Fabulous Killjoys, Dr Death-Defying
Weakness: None known canonically

Kobra Kid was one of the members of the¬†Fabulous¬†Killjoys, whose most distinguishing features include heavily styled blond hair and a red ray gun. He is¬†the brother of the Killjoy leader, Party Poison. He is played by My Chemical Romance (MCR) bassist Moikay Way. His outfit consists of a red jacket with a cobra patch and a yellow shirt. He alternates between wearing a yellow helmet with¬†the¬†words¬†'good¬†luck'¬†on¬†the¬†screen¬†and¬†black aviator sunglasses.¬†¬†

Kobra Kid is tall, fast, and loud. He is 'misunderstood', according to Moikay Way. He is also said to be a bad shooter. 

He, along with the rest of the Killjoys, died in 2027, while at the BL/ind Headquarters saving The Girl.[1][2]


  • Fanon interpretations of the Killjoys often utilize information about the My Chemical Romance members to portray them to fill in backstory details that weren't mentioned in the videos, comics, or other supplementary material. As such, headcanons about Kobra Kid's background often are shared with Moikay Way.
  • He wears sunglasses because if you stare directly into his eyes you will turn to stone because he is literally Medusa. That's why his name is KOBRA kid, cuz the snakes. (apparently)



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