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Better Living Industries, also known as BL/ind and BLi, is the megacorporation in Battery City. BL/ind has been the de facto political and commercial force in the city since 2012 after the "Great Fires".

Better Living Industries stranglehold on the battery industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and agriculture. Despite previous claims that their drugs would eliminate the need for sex as an escape, among other things, BLI/nd manufactures porno droids, a subset of Battery City's subjugated droid class.[1][2] BLI/nd's focus on profit above all else means that they even manufacture habit-forming drugs like Plus specifically to exploit the droid population, adjusting prices as the drug's effect weakens on addicts who originally used it to extend the life of their batteries.[3] Due to the presence of Dead Pegasus, a petroleum corporation, inside the zones, it may not be the only significant power in Battery City.

It continues to run as a quasi-government entity in Battery City in which it monitors that everyday lives of the citizens. It insists that citizens have headphones on at certain times and certain volumes each day, which are announced on television. BL/ind considers this to be so important that if specifics of the frequency signals are misread on television, the newsanchor responsible will be subjugated on air by Draculoids.[4] Those who are deemed unsuited for parenting, such as not meeting strict standards for eight hours of sleep, might be replaced by parenting devices, droid copies of the "failed" parent.[5] BLI/nd also runs social services for humans and droids alike, though these are largely automated by long outdated droids that follow very strict scripts, sometimes to the detriment of those asking for services.[4]

Seemingly focused on keeping the citizens of Battery City docile, BL/ind seems to rely on drugs catered to individuals that negate their emotions completely or that give them a specific emotion.[1] Their own employees are also subject to this, as BL/ind assimilates new employees using Draculoidization, which erases personality, potentially erases memories, and removes the soul from their bodies. This can also be used to "downgrade" higher ranking officials like scarecrows, who retain personal agency.[6]

In the Killjoys comic, BLI/nd's downfall comes largely from within itself: various elements including the creation /subjugation of droids, the souls removed from Draculoidization lingering around the city, the change of heart of lead Scarecrow Korse combined with other external factors that lead to BLI/nd's influence on Battery City and the Zones being neutralized.[6]

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